Top 5 Mistakes

The Insurance Company Wants You To Make After Your Car Accident

1. Delay in treatment
Studies show that accident victims often don’t develop severe pain until 2-4 days after the accident. Seeking care – and treatment, if necessary – as soon as possible is vital to your well-being. As it happens, it’s also crucial to your case when you seek compensation for an injury. Our experience shows that if you do not seek medical treatment shortly after your injury, insurance companies are likely to use that against you when you make a claim. They will argue that if you were really hurt, you would have sought treatment sooner.

2. Talk to the “at-fault” insurance company without preparation
The at-fault person’s insurance company may try to record your statements. They also may take what you say to try to reduce or deny your claim. If they ask for a recorded statement and you have not spoken to an attorney, decline to give one. Insurance adjusters are trained to try to get you to talk about the accident soon after it occurred. Some of the seemingly benign questions they ask could lead you to answer in such a way that can be used against you when negotiating your financial compensation. “How are you doing today?” may simply be a pleasant way to begin a conversation. Or it could be a tactic to elicit a health status from you. The wrong answer could cause you major setbacks.

3. Posting on Social Media
Everything You Post on Social Media Can and Will Be Used Against You. If you’ve been hurt in a vehicle accident, the insurance company’s attorneys will likely access your social media accounts. Defense attorneys have the right to review public posts to gather relevant evidence. These posts might include photos, conversations, and status updates that may be used to undermine your injury claim. The best way to prevent the insurance company from using your social media posts against you is to avoid posting anything at all. Staying away from social media may not be easy, but it’s the best way to ensure that you aren’t jeopardizing your personal injury claim.

4. Take quick cash or lowball offers
The insurance company is in business to make profits. Paying out claims is not what they prefer to do. This can and does work against injured people. Some insurance companies might offer you fast cash up front before all your medical treatment is completed. Don’t cash that check! If you do, your case is likely over.

5. Not seeking legal help or selecting the wrong attorney
Insurance companies hope you try and settle the case without the use of an attorney. They win when this happens. Insurance companies also know which law firms they can basically play with and which ones they don’t want to go to court with. An experienced personal injury attorney with a proven track record is often the victim’s best line of defense.

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